Would you hire an accountant that doesn’t have accounting skills? Or visit a dentist that never went to dental school? Didn’t think so!

So why would you hire an unqualified designer? Good design and valuable creative adds value to your advertising and your business. Visually appealing work draws customers to your company and promotes trust and recognition. Designers do more than just draw pretty pictures – they are well versed in branding, visual identities, trends, design fundamentals, typography and more. 

When you sign a contract with us you are not just getting a solid design for your business, but all the experience behind it. Design is specifically built on the experience and past projects created, so hiring someone that is well versed is critical. 

If you don’t choose a professional designer you could face challenging issues down the road that can cause financial burdens and even risk losing your customers! Designers have expertise in a range of skills that add to the project needed to help your business.

Another benefit of hiring a skilled designer is that they have the special programs and technical tools for creating your design and are able to handover whatever working files you require. Have you tried working with a jpeg when trying to update an image or page on your website? It doesn’t work very well! You need the appropriate files in order to alter or recreate the design you need.

Making sure your website or business appeal is cohesive is again very important to keep the trust of your customers. By using a qualified designer they are able to understand the key elements and make sure it is repeated and mirrored throughout, creating a stronger foundation for your website.

So next time you hire a designer for a project be sure to check to see if they are in fact a qualified designer and have several years of experience because hiring someone who isn’t qualified will cost you!