*Sam owns an online store selling baby clothes. She constantly needs new customers, as her clothes only go up to size 2, so her customers are always changing (as the children grow up they can no longer wear her brands).

Sam needs to get people to know her brand, like her brand, and then trust her enough to purchase from her. Recent studies show that up to 22 touch points are needed before a customer purchases from a business (this means they need to hear about them up to 22 times before purchasing!). Very few people see a brand for the first time and purchase straight away.  

How can Sam get her touch points up with her clients and how can she reach new audiences?

One of the ways in which she can bring in new clients is with cold traffic ads. Cold traffic ads are ads which are targeted to people who have no idea who you are or what your business does. These ads help to bring new customers into your ecosystem (and your ‘sales funnel’), so you can take them on a journey from not knowing about your brand, all the way through to purchasing your product or services. 

If Sam chose not to run cold traffic ads, then she would need to look at a bunch of other ways to drive new people through to her site to increase local awareness. Things such as increasing her organic content, so posting more on Facebook and interacting with her page on others. She would need to increase her posts, reels and stories on Instagram and increase her engagement. Along with optimizing SEO she would need to look at other social platforms that can bring in new customers such as Tik Tok and Pinterest, and she would have to be posting and engaging often. That’s a lot of extra work to do in order to reach that same audience!

Her audience for retargeting ads would also get smaller and smaller, as the amount of people going to these warm/hot/retargeting ads will reduce without the consistent cold traffic coming in.

If Sam wants her business to grow, it’s important for her to create brand awareness with those who have not yet heard of her company to ensure the flow from cold to warm audiences is established and thrives. Cold traffic ads are a simple and effective way to help reach this audience and take her business to the next level. 

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