Your might have seen these below notices on our Facebook ads account. 

Step 1 to verify your domain inside Facebook Business Manager

Log in to > click “brand safety” > “domains” 

Click add to add your domain

Click “Add”

Add in your domain (without www. or https://) 

You might need to refresh your screen at this stage.

All the information you will need to verify your domain is displayed next. Follow these steps and then click verify.

It might look something like the below (if you are unsure for your google your domain registrars name and “add txt record” and their specific instructions should show).

Once your domain is verified

Refresh the domains page and it should show as verified. If you need to add any partners (such as if you are a client of Daisy Digital Marketing) click the “assign partners” button (if you don’t have our business manager ID it is: 523986531361238

Once you have verified your domain, the next step is to add aggregated events for your Facebook ads. Have a look at our blog to get step by step instructions on how to do this. 

The need for all these changes and updates has stemmed from a major update to Apple’s privacy settings. If you want to learn why this update to Apple’s privacy is having such a large impact on advertising on Facebook, give our blog a read.