Video content on social media has a 10x higher engagement rate than any other type of post, which is why video is the best growth hack right now. It can be hard coming up with unique and fun video content ideas to post, so we have put together a list of video ideas and tips on how to create some killer video content. 

Behind the scenes is a relatively easy and efficient video to create! Take the camera around showing what you get up to; customers love to see where the products they use come from and how they are made, or simply the shenanigans you get up to in the office! (cough, cough, Audrey 😉) So why not show them where the magic happens? These videos can be done lighthearted and fun or a bit more serious and professional depending on your audience. Take a moment to consider how you want to present yourself and then get the cameras rolling!

You know how to make the most out of using your product, but don’t assume your customers always do! Think of some ways you love to use your product and put them into mini videos. These can be done in the style of tips and tricks. Think of how many Tik Toks go viral for people showing hacks on how to use products, well, why not make sure you beat them to it and get those clicks for yourself instead.

Another type of video content we love to do here at DDM is getting in front of the camera and chatting about aspects of digital marketing that we are passionate about.  It’s important for customers to feel like they are connected with each and every person behind the business. Putting a face to the names they see in their email inbox is a way to develop a more personal connection with our clients, and this will be the case for most businesses! Having your customers feel like they personally know you is a way for them to feel more invested in your brand and can lead to repeat conversions. We suggest starting off small- trust us it can take some getting used to recording yourself on camera! Check out our blog on how to talk confidently on camera.  These are perfect for story videos which keeps them short and sweet.

Day in the life videos are fun and a creative way to show what working at your business is like. Start off in the morning and take the video through until the end of the day showing small snippets of what goes on. These could cover a range of things such as meetings, calls, product planning, team bonding etc. Show what your work culture is like!

Using user-generated content directly from customers or influencers promoting your product can do wonders for your business. Try encouraging your customers to post videos about your product or service in exchange for a discount code or other benefit, or make it part of your agreement with your influencers that they need to provide you with video content. The video that comes from customers or influencers raving about your products or services, or showing their followers how to use your product, develops a great sense of trust in your brand. Simply re-share videos they post and upload them to your story or compile them together in a reel! 

Last but not least, try a ‘where it all began’ or “facts about the business” video. Create a small story about why this business began and how it all started. This style of video works great for a small business that has recently started up. It helps customers connect with how and why you are here, and what your purpose is. 

We hope these video ideas are useful and you give them a try, we would love to see some of your video content popping up on our socials! Have fun filming!