The way the Cookie crumbles:


Google’s gift of privacy and what that means for the future of digital marketing

I think it’s safe to say we are all familiar with that little pop up asking to trace our cookies on most websites. Those cookies are used to help trace your movement across different websites to help cater personalised ads and content towards you. From January this year, Google Chrome will slowly be removing these third-party cookies by removing them from 1% of their users and eventually all users by mid 2024. 


Why remove third-party cookies?

These third-party cookies work as little trackers, they follow the crumbs you have left behind as you browse the web. This is to help marketers like ourselves to get better access at targeting the right audience. Personalised advertising on the internet has been the norm for some time now, but Google’s removal of these cookies is due to rising concerns of user privacy and now beginning to really focus on user experience on the internet in regards to your privacy.


What does this mean for you?

Overall  this means that you will begin to have a lot more control of your privacy across the internet, which is great news for everyone! Google will be replacing third-party cookies with their new privacy sandbox. The use of the privacy sandbox is to respect your right to privacy and to give you more control of your digital footprint.


What does this mean for digital advertisers?

The loss of third-party cookies may create a few little hiccups in the beginning, due to how widespread they are used across all digital marketers globally. Overall though, this change needs to be embraced and celebrated! This is a new age for digital marketing and going in a direction that helps protect all of us when browsing the internet! There will still be third-party trackers to help create personalised ads but now with a much heavier emphasis on user security and privacy, which is something that we all personally benefit from!