Marketing first started off being traditional by using newspapers, magazines, tv and radio advertisements etc. from traditional it evolved into digital marketing where the advertisement/promotions were moved to online by using digital channels. 

History Of Digital Marketing

Early Days 

  • The first clickable banner was seen on the website of in 1994. 
  • In 1994 Yahoo was founded by Jerry Yang and David Filo, it was originally known as “Jerry’s guide to the world wide web”. 
  • Google was launched in 1998 and used as a search engine.

Timeline Of Social Media Platforms For Digital Marketing 

  • In 2006 Google and MySpace teamed up and worked together, MySpace would allow developers to create applications on its website and Google was used as the main search engine and in return for that Google would get paid.
  • In 2003 LinkedIn was launched in the United States, in 2006 it was used more to be able to connect with other professionals, by 2010 LinkedIn was offered world wide and it was used to be able to promote relevant content. Now LinkedIn is used as a business platform where companies and professionals can use it to advertise a job or new business start up, share what they have accomplished, get hired and connect/follow other professionals and businesses. 
  • Facebook was founded in 2004 and was only available to students. They were able to connect by posting photos, tagging and writing up on someone else’s wall. By 2006 Facebook was available to anyone of the age of 13. 2006 was the year that advertisers were able to connect with customers more easily and create a relationship with them. Currently, Facebook is used the same as before but with new updates. This includes being able to create a company profile to advertise and promote instead of using a personal account, where instead of making friends you gain followers for the business; being able to share anything that gets posted; going live; apply for jobs;  and by using the marketplace to buy, sell and promote anything.  
  • Youtube was registered in 2005 where it was possible to share videos, in 2008 Youtube would show mini advertisements before playing a video, by 2009 more advertisements were allowed on Youtube. Now Youtube is the same with watching videos/listening to music and where content would be created, it is also popular for advertising with mini clips that you can or can’t skip before a video plays and with an ad recommendation on the side of what to play next. 
  • Instagram was launched in 2010 and used to upload photos and videos, now it is used the same but it can be used to advertise the business or the influencer by having its own instagram page where it has followers and follows back and a store where you can sell products.

More Digital Marketing

  • Email marketing is when a business will send advertisements to your email address but will also let you unsubscribe if you don’t want to see them anymore. The first email marketing was done in 1978 where Gary Thuerk sent an email promoting DEC machines to 400 users. By 1998 email marketing was so popular that the Data Protection Act was updated to make sure all email had an “opt- out”. By 2003 and 2004 more laws were coming into place because of the spam that marketing emails would cause.  Nowadays email marketing is still a big thing and has the unsubscribe option and the option that it will go directly to spam or rubbish and delete itself. 
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) this is seen on Google Ads where marketers can make an advertisement and it will gain traffic to their website. Each time someone clicks on the ad the marketer would have to pay for that click. 
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is where businesses optimise their websites for search engines, it’s about putting the right keywords, backlinks, etc. By doing this it improves the google ranking. 

Benefits Of Digital Marketing

The benefits of digital marketing compared to traditional marketing is that these days everything is done online and people spend more time on their phone than reading the newspaper or watching TV. With digital marketing you are able to reach a larger audience and have a better chance of reaching the target market you want then doing it the traditional way.  Don’t forget communication is important so make sure to engage with your audience! 

The landscape for digital marketing can change real quick, for example Instagram used to be all about posting photos and small videos, now it has to change for an option to post longer videos on your story and being able to post reels. The other new option is writing notes so your followers can see and are able to reply to it. 

In the past facebook was also only about uploading photos, videos and sharing memes and talking to people. It was considered THE PLATFORM back when it was launched but over time new and emerging social media platforms such as tik tok took over.

It is important to keep up with the new trends that are emerging everyday, the world is digital and if you don’t keep up there is a chance you will stay behind. 


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