As a small business owner you might not have the budget to outsource your product photography. But as many quickly discover, DIY product photography isn’t as easy as you might initially think!

Our 3 top tips for DIY product photography:

  • Light light lighttttttt! – You may think you have enough light but think again. Additional fill lighting will help you to ensure you retain detail in the shadowy areas. Grab a desk lamp or find a professional one at your local photography store or website, anything will work!
  • Use the rule of thirds – This will help you take eye-catching photos by using the effective rule of
    composition. The rule of thirds is if you divide your frame into nine equal rectangles. With those two vertical and horizontal lines, it creates intersections at four points. Placing the subject off-center at one of the intersecting points of the imaginary lines will make for a better and more aesthetically pleasing photograph.
  • Camera shake is also something you definitely should avoid. It’s recommended that you use a tripod when possible, to avoid any blur and to use the timer option if available. 

*The rule of thumb is not to shoot at a shutter speed that is slower than your focal length to minimize this problem!



*If you are trying to create a sense of depth and make the viewer feel like they are really there, use a wide-angle lens for a panoramic view and a small aperture of f/16 or smaller to keep the foreground and background sharp. In order to get a sense of scale and tell just how far away the distance is from it’s a great idea to place a person or object in the foreground.

*Keep it simple silly! It works best when you use the simple approach and don’t put too much in your background. Neutral colours and simple patterns help draw your eye to the subject otherwise viewers will be distracted and won’t be drawn to the focal point. If possible, choose a plain background.

*Invest in your learning more than your gear. Just because you own the top of the line camera doesn’t mean you are going to get the best photos! It is important to master composition and light before spending thousands of dollars on new gear. Get a solid understanding of the basics so you can take stunning photos that you’ll be proud to show off, even though it was with a standard zoom lens!

When marketing your brand it is crucial to have good photography. The important thing is if you are doing any type of photography make sure you are prepared and have the right tools. 

Remember your customers are looking for consistent and strong branding. Photography can be the determining factor when earning a customer’s business as it is the first thing people see. No matter how great your product is, if it doesn’t look appealing online, people won’t purchase it. In order to build trust for your product they have to believe in what you are selling and you need to make it look good! 

If you have had a go taking your own photos and can’t get it right, (or you are ready to outsource, because “product photography ain’t easy!”) we can help. 

We know what works and how to get great shots, so you don’t have to worry. With a range of package options to suit your products and budget.

 Give us a call or book an appointment to discuss what we can do to set your brand apart from the competition and get you those sales!


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