I’m here to talk to you today about Google ads. So how do you know if Google ads are the right fit for your business? What is the purpose of Google ads? What do they do? How do we know if Google ads are working for your business? And then, of course how to get in touch with us to help you get the most out of running Google ads. So who are Google ads for? So if you think about your business and your clients and how people find you, are you the type of product or service that people know about and then are going to go search for? So say, for example, you’re a plumber. People are likely to go plumber Hamilton, New Zealand and pop that into the Google search. Is that type of behaviour that your ideal customers are doing in order to find your business or not? If the answer is yes, they’re putting things into the search engines in order to find you, then Google ads can be a really good option for you to consider to help you grow sales or generate leads within your business. 


So some of the purposes that our clients like to use, they use Google ads for some of the obvious ones. So we’ve got e-commerce websites that they like to make sales and it’s tracked really easily through how many transactions are made and the value of these transactions. Another couple of popular conversion goals, I guess, people have with their Google ads, particularly within the service industry. So like ourselves here at Daisy Digital Marketing, our Goal would be to generate leads and get inquiries so people can fill out a contact form or pick up the phone and give you a call. So these are the types of things that we can track to see how your Google ads are performing. So one of the things that myself and the team are really really passionate about is being metric based in our marketing activity. So not only picking the marketing activities, such as Google ads, that might work best for your business, but then making sure that those particular activities that we do choose are working best for you and that they are profitable and they are helping you move your business forward.

So we can measure all those different metrics in the background, such as the value of those cells that are coming through from an e-commerce website or the amount of people that have viewed a contact page or filled in a contact form. So all of these sorts of things, the types of things that we can actually measure with your Google ads to see how they are performing. There are three different types of Google ads that you can run, three main types.


So the first one is the Google search ad. And this is the one that most people are familiar with. When you jump into your Google search engine and you pop in, for example, white sneakers and then they are the text based ads at the top. So the ones that are just text and words and they might say Nike best white sneakers etc. maybe a phone number and address or something like that. So they are the text based once and they will say something sponsored or ad beside them at the top. 


The second type that’s really popular are the shopping based ads. So, again, using our example of the white sneakers that are the ones that show at the top with the little picture and the price, and you can click on them, go straight through to that product and purchase on that page.So they are really somewhat still underutilized in New Zealand and really good opportunities for ecommerce businesses to get themselves in front of a lot of different consumers when they’re searching for things online, because we’re more we’re more attracted to those image based ads and the benefit of having the price there as those clicks that you were getting are generally more qualified leads. And warmer, so they are further down that sales process because they’ve been able to see a picture of the product, they’ve been able to see the price of the product before they’ve even clicked.


And the final type of ad as a display ad. So Google has image based ads as well that you can place across their display network. So it’s a range of other websites that will show these ads as well. So generally you’ll see the little square animated or still ads, that is a display ad. There are little long banner type ones as well. so they can be set up and run through Google ads, too.

You can use them in two ways so you can use them to code audiences and you can also use them for remarketing. So to advertise to people who have already been to your website and haven’t purchased and are floating about elsewhere on the Web, you can have your ads show up again then. So there’s some really awesome tools with inside the Google ads platform, and they’re really relevant to an extremely large range of businesses. So if you want to get in touch with us about helping you with your Google ads or to find out if Google ads are a good fit.

Do pop us a message, you can get in touch with us via DM on Facebook or Instagram. Our email hello@daisydigital.co.nz, There’s also a lot of information on our Google packages on our website.


So if you’ve got any questions or you want to know more about running your Google ads with us and how we can help you, Get in touch.