Facebook Business Manager is a highly effective tool for businesses to use. It allows you to manage multiple Facebook Pages, business assets, ad accounts, Instagram accounts and product categories all in one place. Facebook Business Manager has many benefits which include: 

  • It allows you to separate your personal profile from your business page, which provides you with security. 
  • You can effectively manage multiple Facebook Ad Accounts and Pages in one place. This provides you with a central location for tracking your ads and post performance. 
  • You can share access to agencies, partners or vendors securely without giving them ownership of your business assets (this blog discusses how to do this). 
  • The process of delegating tasks and overseeing what your employees are doing is simplified through Facebook Business Manager. 
  • Access to past employees can be easily revoked to maintain an up-to-date roster. 
  • When creating ad campaigns, you can build different custom audiences for these ad campaigns. 

Whilst Facebook Business Manager has many perks, it can also come with it’s challenges. The team here at Daisy Digital Marketing is prepared to help ease any challenges you may be facing! In this blog post I will be walking you through the process of providing Daisy Digital Marketing access to your accounts for social media ads management. 


Step 1

The first step to providing access to your accounts is to login into business.facebook.com. Once you are on the Facebook Business Manager homepage, on the left hand side, if you scroll down you should see a tab that says “Business Info”. Click on this. 

Step 2

When you are on the page “Business Information”, you should be able to find your Business Manager ID. Once you have found your Business Manager ID, email this ID code to the Daisy Digital Marketing team.

Step 3

From here, a member of the Daisy Digital Marketing team will send you a request to access your page, Instagram, ad account, pixel and catalogues (if relevant). If this does not come through to you after 48 hours of sending the Business Manager ID, please email the Daisy Digital Marketing team and let us know.

Step 4

When the access has been granted, the team at Daisy Digital Marketing will be able to complete the audit of your assets to make sure everything is set up correctly before starting work on your ads.

Step 5

Everything should now be set up and ready to go for the team at Daisy Digital Marketing to manage your social media ads!