Pinterest has been a platform that used to just be a place where people would pin recipes and find future dream home inspo, but has now changed to be the place that is the #1 traffic driver for many businesses! 

Pinterest can drive website traffic by linking pins directly to your website. With the easy click-through process, opportunities for your customers to see you increase to a much larger audience when using the platform. Pinterest can also drive traffic from your pins with the engaging content you create. Using relative hashtags and posting is a great way to increase your chance to be seen as well!

Something we love about using Pinterest for your business is that you can access allllll the analytics info! Inside the analytics page, you are able to view your impressions, engagements, clicks, views, and more! Our favourite feature is being able to see which pin performed best. This way you can see what your visitors are checking out and what they are most interested in, the results may surprise you! 😉

You can also use Pinterest advertising to grow your reach. This increases brand awareness, which drives traffic to your website and creates conversions! Each individual pin can have its own description allowing you to naturally insert targeted keywords and phrases, helping to increase your SEO and visibility. If you choose to use Pinterest Advertising and promote selected posts, you also get access to metrics, so you can track how they perform and improve on your campaigns in the future

Pinterest not only has an incredibly high user engagement but people often share pins between their friends, family, or colleagues – making your pins more likely to be seen and clicked on. Another benefit is when you create a pin and put it out into the beautiful world of Pinterest, your pin will remain there, even 3 years later! So, your content has the advantage of being seen as much today as it would be in 3 years.

Pinterest allows you to show (rather than tell) people, about your business, and display your thoughts, feelings, and values in a way that speaks to your viewers through imagery. You have the ability to also see what your followers and customers are into and believe in. With the Pinterest platform, you are able to respond to followers to build brand trust. Which is essential to having people consider purchasing from you.

Pinterest isn’t just a place where you search for new home decor, wedding inspo, or recipes – it can be a place where you can not just generate traffic, but can also generate profits for your business! 

We can help you get your Pinterest strategy down and make it a priority in your business. Book an appointment or give us a call to get started and find out how Pinterest can work for YOU!