Checking emails is often the first thing people do when they wake up in the morning.

Email Marketing is a way to communicate directly with your customers (and not rely on social media algorithms to show them your content).

It’s a powerful, straightforward and reliable way to reach your customers, which costs very little and requires very little resource for your business.

However, in order to get the most out of your Email Marketing, we’re going to give you a few of our top do’s and don’ts to ensure your business gets the very best out of your email marketing campaigns;

1. Don’t use all caps anywhere in your email – especially in your subject line
Using all caps can be a great way to highlight your words, or get someone’s attention, but probably not in a good way. Capital letters can give someone the impression your yelling at them and do the opposite of what your trying to achieve. They are also harder to read. We recommend using them purposely and carefully (as there are occasions for them), and to set your subject line apart from every other email your subscriber receive, try adding some emoji’s

2. Don’t use purchased or searched for email addresses
You can purchase email lists or search for email addresses online to add to your email list, and it is a way to build that database, but it’s not always a good idea. It is not an ethical marketing technique and can be illegal to email someone without their permission. Not only that – but you want to get your message in front of engaged audiences who actually want to hear from you (via opt-in). Instead, try integrating an email subscribe list to your website and marketing campaigns to generate more contacts.

3. Don’t embed forms or include attachments in your email
Where possible, try not to include forms or attachments in your email as they often aren’t supported and can actually flag your email as spam, therefore not reach your recipient. A great alternative option is to include a call to action button, sending them to a document or form on your website.

4. Email too often
Consistency is key.
Keep your email’s regular but not at the risk of being recognized as spam and losing some of your valuable subscribers. Decide on a realistic frequency for your emails – something acceptable for your subscribers, and keeping in mind what is actually achievable for your team – and stick to it.

5. Overcrowd your email and fill it with every piece of advice, knowledge and news
Yes, we want to update our subscribers on all things important in your business, and the market, and be seen as knowledge, and creative, and progressive and so on – But, be conscious of how much is in your email. Our subscribers have limited time and attention span’s so keep it as simple and to the point as possible. Often, less is more.


1. Always spell check
Correct spelling and grammar is crucial for any email. Typo’s and incorrect grammar in your emails can mean your subscribers won’t take you seriously, and it can trigger your email as spam! A lot of EDM systems have spell check options, but if not, copy the content out into Word or a similar program to run a spell check – and where possible, get a second, third or fourth pair of eyes to check over again.

2. Keep it brief
Keep the email brief and to the point. Don’t jam pack it with copy, images, or too much design and make it overwhelming for the viewer. Instead try a summary at the top to include the most important detail and include the links and extra design near the bottom. You’re still providing your key information for your customer, but ensuring the most important information is first read, before their interest may be lost.

3. Call to Action
Our subscribers need a call to action. 9 times out of 10 customers will not follow through with a purchase, phone call, email etc. without you challenging them to do so. Ensure you include a call to action in your email marketing to convert your subscribers into customers. Call them to action, and they will engage.

4. Understanding your target market
Understanding your target market is important.
Your content needs to be relevant to your subscribers. Yes, all your subscribers will vary in interests, business and demographic etc, but by first understanding your target market as a whole, you can create content that is valuable to them all. Segmentation is a great tool (available within most EDM platforms) that allows you to divide your email list into targeted sub-markets within your market and something worth putting in place if you have a subscribers list on the larger side.

5. Be yourself
A key piece of advice here!
Don’t try to be similar to your competition, what sets you apart and what makes your business your business, is important. Have a point of difference and be authentic and genuine to your brand. Be you!

Pretty easy right?
The best bit about Email Direct marketing is the results of each campaign sent is right at your fingers tips. No waiting for reports. You can be regularly reviewing and analysing your emails to see what’s worked, what hasn’t and continue to grow, change and improve them.