Hi everyone! My name is Tayla and I am a Marketing Assistant here at Daisy Digital. I am looking forward to working with you to help your business thrive online, and I can’t wait to meet all the lovely people behind the businesses we are working with. Here’s a little bit about me.

I am a lover of small towns and tight knit communities, so I haven’t detoured far out of Matamata. I spent most of my childhood and schooling years here until I moved to Hamilton (I know, a whole 45 minutes away!!) to go to the University of Waikato to study a Bachelor of Management Studies. Living in the city wasn’t for me and I missed the atmosphere of a small town, so I moved back to Matamata and spent the last 3 years of my degree travelling over to Hamilton each day.

I started off my degree with the intentions of heading into Human Resource Management; but after finishing my first year, I fell in love with marketing and strategy. I had my first experience of designing a website for a paper in my third year and I was sold! I knew then and there that Digital Marketing was what I wanted to do as a career. Throughout my studies I had a bunch of amazing opportunities such as working as a marketer for a small company in Hamilton where I got to travel to Australia to show off some of my skills, as well as becoming a marketing tutor for first year students. I also had a part-time job while I studied as 2IC of a local clothing store (fashion is my second passion- right behind digital marketing), where I got to design my first real-life functioning website. Trust me, you wouldn’t have wanted to be around me when that site launched; my poor friends and family didn’t hear the end of it! I graduated from the University of Waikato at the end of 2019 and jumped straight into working at Daisy Digital, which proved to be my dream job!

I love all aspects of digital marketing, but my specialties lie in Shopify web design, strategic planning and Google Ads. I am a very approachable person and I love to have a chat so I can’t wait to meet you all and get to know you and your business!

In my spare time I am busy planning my upcoming wedding to my amazing fiancé Brad, another Matamata local. We also love to take the jet ski out to Lake Karapiro on the weekends with our family and friends, and Brad is currently attempting to teach me how to play golf (attempting being the operative word!).

I am so happy to be working alongside the fantastic team here at Daisy Digital, the culture here is amazing and I am loving being able to have the opportunity to work with some awesome businesses. I can’t wait to meet some more of you!