Born and raised in New York I lived upstate in a quaint town for most of my life, until I decided to go back to school in Manhattan.

 It had been a few years since I had finished my Associates in Visual Communication and it was proven to be more than just pencil and paper now! But what better place to get re-acquainted with the design and advertising industry than New York City?! It was definitely scary at first, but I soon came to love the hustle and bustle and life that the city had.

I completed my Bachelor’s in Advertising at the Fashion Institute of Technology, where I had the chance to work many exciting fashion shows with celebrities and travel to unbelievable places with the Art and Advertising clubs. After graduating FIT, I interned for a well-known agency called J. Walter Thompson, alongside inspiring senior Art Directors and copywriters.

From there I went to work as a creative at an agency my teacher recommended. The small agency consisted of an incredible group of senior creative directors that all left their jobs and merged to start their own business known as o2kl. I spent a very informative and fun year at o2kl meeting lots of wonderful people and doing lots of exciting work, but I couldn’t help but feel the city was starting to wear on me. I had always wanted to travel and there was no time better than the present as my lease had just finished.

I was off on my adventurous journey! Having no expectation how long I’d be gone for, I decided to start in England visiting a couple friends I hadn’t seen in so long. After travelling a few months and seeing heaps, I stopped in Croatia where I fell in love with the people that worked there, so decided to stay for a little while and work at the hostel I was in. Within the next few nights a young man and his friend checked in and long story short he is now my boyfriend!

We travelled around Europe for another few months with some of the friends from the hostel as a family and had the adventure of a lifetime. My boyfriend ventured home shortly after and invited me to come stay with him in his hometown, Matamata, which I happily obliged.

After falling in love with him and New Zealand, I decided to move my life to Matamata. And then I found out about Hobbiton! So of course, like almost every other person in the town, decided to work on the movie set. I worked for a year on the Hobbiton movie set as a tour guide and met many friends and fabulous customers. I continued to remotely work the odd job for companies in the states to keep up with my design and marketing skills, until I met the amazing Sarah Imeson!

I am now happily working beside Sarah and the rest of the team here at Daisy Digital Marketing as a marketing coordinator. I try to bring all of my experience and tactics with me from both small and large agencies I’ve worked with. Happy to always lend a hand, I am proud to be the business rep for Daisy at the Morrinsville Business after 5 events. If you are Morrinsville based, hopefully I will see you there! Be sure to come and say hi.

What really excites me is the creative brainstorming process. I love to just throw everything out there when trying to come up with a great idea and always believe two heads are better than one. Meeting and discussing with the client about how we can better their needs is another passion of mine. With the close-knit culture within the office and the relationships we develop with our clients here I know this will be a wonderful lasting experience!

Can’t wait to meet all of you!