These days we have become such visual people. Between binge watching Netflix, passing billboards, flipping through magazines, endless scrolling on our phones, we see content everywhere. But how much do you actually remember? How often are you able to remember what that ad was for?

Chances are if it didn’t grab your attention then you probably won’t remember it! The best thing your brand can do is create eye-catching content that not only stands out but is visually memorable. We’ve put together our top design tips for you to use so your social media is engaging and creates lasting impressions.

Have a clear goal – (Your WHY) Most important of the tips! Setting up a goal is the base of your design for your social media content. Try to make a story out of it. Having a goal will help tell your message visually. Ask yourself this:

  • What is my purpose for this post?
  • Am I trying to drive sales?
  • Do I want to increase traffic to my website?
  • Am I trying to increase engagement on my page?

While asking these questions it’s also important to keep in mind your target audience. Know who they are and make sure you research your competitors.

Colour – Colour sets a mood, an atmosphere, and can affect a person’s psychology, emotions, and reactions to a design. Finding your colour theme is crucial to the success of your design. You want to steer clear of color combinations that are uncomfortable or hard to read. Once you have selected your colour scheme make sure to use the same colours throughout your posts keeping in line with your brand. Remember to make sure the colour is set to RGB because social media designs are always displayed on screen!

Text – Not to be confused with typography (which we will talk about in a second). Text is a sequence of words whereas typography is the visual component of the written word. You might want to use every word to explain how great your brand is but DON’T! Too much text can seem overwhelming, overcrowded and busy. Try to limit your text to one or two lines. Make sure it is easy to read. It is best to use contrast to make text stand out.

Typography – Selecting the perfect font to go with the images can be tough, but when done correctly it can bring your graphics to life! Don’t go overboard. You only need two to three fonts max. Choose wisely when picking a font because it will deliver your tone.

Consistency – Give your followers a chance to quickly recognize you on their feed. Make sure all your content that you create is consistent with your brand. If your social content looks and feels connected, your audience will form a clear understanding of your brand and it’s message. An easy way to keep consistency is to take some time to create templates for quick quotes, announcements, promotions, or sales. We personally love Canva and it makes it easy for us to quickly create content that all our social media fans recognize while increasing engagement.

Layout – It is recommended that you keep your type aligned or centered within the canvas. Using pre-made social media templates to get you started helps a lot! Balance creates a sense of harmony and each element holds a “weight”. Use space to amplify other objects and be deliberate about your design flow. 

Keep it simple – enough said!

Push your creative abilities and graphic design skills to achieve original graphics and just have fun with it! Try something new, think outside the box, experiment and make mistakes! That’s the fun in design. Good Luck! If you need any assistance we are always here to help. Happy designing 🙂