Are the days of posting on Twitter over? Not exactly… But for you, they might be.

While Twitter is exceedingly popular in the U.S it doesn’t quite have the same intensity over  here in NZ. Even though there may be more users on Twitter than on Instagram in NZ, don’t let this confuse you into thinking it’s a must when it comes to growing your business on social media! Twitter can be great for keeping up with the latest celeb gossip & politics but not as such for growing your business, so let’s talk about why…

  • First off, there is a limit of 280 characters, this can be a very small amount of words to effectively communicate your brand and messaging with. You don’t ever want to feel like you are shrinking your brand values to fit into a word limit, that part is a no from us 🙅‍♀️
  • Twitter is time-sensitive ⏰ if you aren’t posting when your audience is active your tweets are just going to get lost in the void of billions of others = a waste of time 
  • It takes a lot of time and effort for tweets to do well, and time is also needed to be spent engaging and re-tweeting. So unless you have a staff member who can do this for you, it isn’t going to be a good use of your valuable time. We know you will have 10 million other better things to be doing for your business! 
  • Standing out in the busy crowd is way harder to do! Without a super strong strategy in place and a lot of time to spend on the platform, you are going to get lost in the crowd along with all your content 👎
  • There is a no editing option 🙀 shocking right? This can cause some issues if mistakes are made. Part of Twitter wanting to keep things real on their platform means you can’t go back and alter your tweets. While we are all down for genuine and open 🙌it is all awesome until you have to delete valuable content
  • Lastly, you have to consider that your target market may not be even on the platform! Twitter’s main users are 35-65-year-old males interested in politics…There is no point posting on a platform if your customers aren’t even on it 🤷‍♀️

If not Twitter then where should you be? 

It does depend on your brand and industry, but Instagram, Facebook and even Tik Tok are where you are going to be best off focusing your efforts. While each platform still has its good and bad sides, you have a way better chance of connecting with the right audience and really growing on these ones. Producing quality content is also more important than spreading yourself thin across every possible platform.

So if you are on social media to grow your business and engage with your audience in meaningful genuine ways, then chances are Twitter probably isn’t going to be a great fit for you. There is no point in putting effort into a platform that isn’t going to give you the engagement and connections you are looking for. If you are unsure about how to kickstart your business on social media, we are here to help!