Eden: Hey everybody, here at Daisy we are doing a series of interviews with the team members, and this week’s interview is with Tayla.

Tayla: Hi.

Eden: So, Tayla, what do you do at Daisy Digital marketing?

Tayla: So I do a lot of the strategy based stuff here. So quite often when we take on new clients, they meet with me first and we go through different strategies of how we’re going to approach their marketing. I also do a lot of the website builds and I look after all of our Google ads accounts, as well as a whole lot of other little bits and pieces. 

Eden: Cool. What is your greatest achievement since you started here?

Tayla: Probably just the knowledge that I’ve learnt, like I have learnt so many different things, so many different platforms. From uni I just, it was very theory based. So just being able to put that into reality is definitely my biggest achievement.

E: Cool. Who is your ideal client?

T: I really like those clients that like to push the boundaries, so people that will take take risks and quite often they, it pans out quite well. So I really like those people.

E: Cool. What is your favorite marketing campaign and why?

T: My favorite marketing campaign has always been John Lewis. All those Christmas ones. I think they’re just really heart warming and they’re quite special they’re done really, really well.

E: Yeah. When you were young, what did you want to be when you grew up?

T: I always wanted to be a vet when I grew up. I’ve got, I’m a bit of an animal animal lover, so I’ve got four pets already at home probably going to expand that. So yeah, always wanted to be a vet and then I wanted to go into psychology and then ended up in marketing.

E: What inspires you? 

T: Definitely those people that have lots of confidence and are really sure of themselves. So I’ve always struggled with a bit of confidence. 

And now after working with everyone, all these businesses and all the team here that have lots of confidence and and can talk to people really well, that’s really inspired me to also improve my confidence levels. 

E: Your room, desk and car, which do you clean first?

T: Definitely my desk. I am the type of person that if my desk is cluttered, my brain is cluttered, definitely needs cleaning at the moment. But yeah, I’d say desk.

E: Cool, thank you Tayla. So next up we have Sarah, so be sure to stay tuned