Audrey: Hi, guys. Here we are back at Daisy Digital Marketing. We have an interview with our next colleague. This is Eden.

Eden: Hey, guys.

Audrey: All right Eden. So, what do you do at Daisy Digital Marketing?

Eden: I am the intern here at Daisy Digital. So I just help out wherever needed pretty much. So I help Audrey out with social media content creation. And I help Tayla out with website product uploading, things like that.

Audrey: Right. What is your greatest achievement since you started here?

Eden: I would have to say, I think just having the opportunity to be able to actually create content that’s going somewhere and it’s reaching people and like having that experience, I think has been my greatest achievement so far.

Audrey: Excellent. Who would you say your ideal client would be?

Eden: I would have to say someone who has a pretty good idea of what they want, but is also open to ideas of like changing things and just like having a real good chat about things and creating some really cool things.

Audrey: What is your favorite marketing campaign and why?

Eden: There was a few but I think it would have to be the New Zealand Transport Agency campaigns, they came up with some really cool ones. I think one that’s really stuck with me would be the legend one. You know, ghost chips.

Audrey: Very cool. When you were young, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Eden: When I was about to leave school, I was actually planning on being an architect. That was something that really sparked my interest, but then it changed a bit.

Audrey: What inspires you?

Eden: I think people who just go out there, they do what they want to do and they’re just out there changing the world and they might come from nothing and they just create these really amazing things, those are the people that really inspire me.

Audrey: Yeah, those real go getters.

Eden: Yeah, for sure.

Audrey: Room, desk and car. Which do you clean first?

Eden: It’d probably have to be my car because I cannot stand having a dirty windscreen. So that would probably be my first, room definitely last.

Audrey: Right, good answers. 

All right guys, thanks so much. We’ll see you later.