Great news!!
Instagram Scheduling is coming!!

News has broken that soon, Facebook will add Instagram Scheduling to Creator Studio.

Creator Studio has only been available for Facebook pages, but apparently, adding Instagram to the Studio app has been in the making for some time!

For those Instagram users, you can join us when we say, hallelujah!
Instagram scheduling has not been easy and created a few headaches with it’s lack of functionality to schedule posts or content, meaning we’ve had to find alternative app’s that integrate with Instagram to assist with planning out our content.

Well, no longer!
The new Instagram scheduling option (added to Facebook’s Creator Studio) has been rolled out to a select amount of users over the past month, and even more broadly this past week. If you haven’t seen it yet, sit tight, it is coming!!

If you head over to Facebook Creator Studio , you may see a new notification on your dashboard filling you in on their latest development. See below.

This new Instagram scheduling option provides a ton of new tools and features, simplifying scheduling, providing increased capacity, and the ability to schedule IGTV videos!! (No scheduling for IG stories yet).

To take full advantage of this, make sure you’re Facebook and Instagram accounts are linked in your Creator Studio dashboard (See a full run down on Instagram of Creator Studio, and how to link your Facebook and Instagram accounts here).

From what we’ve heard, Creator Studio may have limited functionality in some areas, but we still think it’s great news for us Instagram users!

We are excited to see how it all works.