Last month I set up Instagram Shopping for one of my Australian clients and since then I have had people asking about when Instagram shopping is coming to New Zealand.

Well IG Shop is here folks!

I am seeing excited posts all over Facebook at the moment as New Zealand joins the ranks of other countries in being able to utilise Instagram shopping. The reason for this is many brands are seeing a 20% increase in sales through this feature – which is massive!

If you haven’t seen it yet, Instagram shopping allows you to tag products in your images.

Like this:

What we love about IG shopping is that your potential customers can click through directly from your images and purchase your products. A better shopping experience for your customers and more sales for your business. Win-win!

So how do you set up IG shopping?

If you don’t have the time to do this yourself (or the desire) then make sure you get in touch with us and we can get you set up and ready to go.

  1. First things first you need a business account in Instagram. Not sure if you have a business account or how to set one up? There are some great instructions from Facebook.
  2. Once you have your business account set up you need to link it to your Facebook page (so you also need to have a Facebook page set up for your business).

Go to Settings > Linked Accounts

  1. You need to have at least 9 posts on your Instagram account (that is 9 in total – so nothing too stressful!).
  2. You need to have multiple products in posts for people to browse.
  3. Next you have to have your Facebook shop set up. How you go about doing this depends on which ecommerce platform you are using (or if you are just using Facebook shop as your storefront).


If you are on Shopify you can check out how to set up your Facebook shop on their website. It is a super easy process with a click of a button in most cases.


In Woocommerce you need to make sure you have your shop linked to and syncing with your Facebook shop. Facebook has some really clear instructions for you to follow to set this up.

For other platforms (like Wix, BigCommerce) you need to do the same thing and link your Facebook shop with your ecommerce store. Wix doesn’t have this functionality integrated yet sadly. But you can still get IG shopping using the Facebook store and setting that up manually (or via the business manager, catalog)

  1. Once you have set up your Facebook shop you then have to wait for up to “a few days” (in the words of Instagram) for the functionality to appear in your business settings on Instagram.
  2. You will get a notification like this (or you might have already seen this notification even without it set up correctly).

You can then go to your settings, Business Settings > Shopping > Products and link your account to your ecommerce platform.


8. Congratulations!!! You can now tag products!

Simply click on any image and edit and tap to tag your products. At this stage you can’t tag people and products in the same post (but hopefully they roll out this feature soon).


If all of this sounds way too hard or scary, then get in touch and we can take care of it for you.

Make sure you connect with us on Facebook and Instagram for all the latest tips and tricks.

For any questions about Instagram Shopping or anything else Digital Marketing related please email or message me on Facebook.

Troubleshooting Instagram Shopping

Some of the common issues people are having to Instagram shopping in New Zealand and some tips and tricks. (I will add to this list over time).

  • Services: If you are selling a service based products this function currently isn’t available to you. IG shop only works for physical products.
  • Digital products and subscriptions: No downloadable products, digital products
  • Banned products: No drug or tobacco related products (prescription, illegal or recreational), gambling, no animal sales, no weapons, ammunition or explosives, adult products or services, alcohol, or healthcare products
  • Country or age restrictions: You can’t have either of these on your Facebook page.
  • Check the Facebook account connected to your Instagram and shopping platform. Sometimes the wrong account has been linked to your Facebook account or Instagram, so make sure you check all your settings across your e-commerce store, Facebook page and Instagram account.
  • Your business profile must be connected to a Facebook catalogue. This can be created and managed on Business Manager, through Shopify or BigCommerce platforms or directly on your business’s Page on Facebook (Facebook shop).
  • I have done everything right and it’s still not working?!  If you have your Facebook shop working and your Instagram business account active and you still don’t have the option to tag products make sure you give it 4-5 days to be approved by Instagram. If it is still not working check out some of our other common issues, tips & tricks for more information or feel free to message us for free support.
  • Last but not least: Instagram shopping is new and therefore still glitchy – so there are some strange things happening for some people that have no logical explaination.