When starting a business getting customers buying your products or using your services is great but being able to keep this customer is even better!


Building trust with a customer is the first step In how to retain customers, no one will be friends with someone they don’t trust! 


Customers love it when you engage with them, the best way to do this is over social media. Creating a facebook or instagram post and adding a question or poll to it to see what they think of the new idea/ product or even change. But you don’t stop here, you will want to reply to their comments as well and take in account what they say. This can also be done through emails or surveys, for example once purchase sending one of these out will be great. 


Respect is very important, if a customer is unhappy with their purchase and comes to you frustrated and upset, don’t get defensive, respect their opinion and offer a solution. There will be times when a customer will not understand what is going on and when this happens you might need to take different approaches on how to communicate back to them in a way that they will understand without getting frustrated with them. 

Loyalty Rewards Program

Loyalty rewards programs are a great way to build loyalty with customers. This is because customers love it when they get something in return when purchasing something. Most of the time the reward is either a free item or a discount code; it all depends on what your business offers. This will also show that you appreciate them for being loyal customers to your business.


It is important to remember if you want to make your business successful you will need help from customers because they are the ones who will tell you what you can do better. Asking for feedback can be done a few ways 

  • Call them and ask 
  • Send out an email 
  • Have the feedback comments available on the website 
  • Doing a survey

The more feedback the better it will be for your business. It will also show your customers that you are interested in what they have to say. 

Buy Now Pay Later

Having the buy now pay later will help retain customers and also get more because sometimes paying it all upfront is not easy. When customers see the buy now pay later option they will sometimes purchase more than just one product and will keep coming back because they know that they have that option with your business. 


A happy satisfied customer will bring more customers to your business. This is because they will tell their family and friends about the services you offer and how you treat them well, this will also make a loyal customer.