Digital marketing is a good way to target the correct audience through a variety of different channels if you use the right tools.  

When taking your business to social media platforms you want to be active on the correct platforms where your audience is. 

The most popular social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. This doesn’t necessarily mean that every social media platform is going to be suitable for your business however. Posting to every platform is going to cost you in time, for potentially poor results. Instead you want to focus where your customers are.


To be able to reach the correct target audience on social media platforms you will need to:

  • Do research online and look at stats to see what platforms they are most active on (each platform has a different demographic.)
  • If you have current customers speak to them and ask or send a survey out asking what platforms they use most.
  • Look at your competitors to see what social media platforms they are most active on and less active on

Another way is by creating a persona. A persona in digital marketing is a fictional customer profile. It should include elements such as their demographics, behaviours, shopping habits, beliefs & values, etc. Creating a customer persona will help you to identify your target audience and have a better understanding of who they are and how you could reach them. 

When you decide what platforms are best for your business and start posting on social media it is a good idea to look at the insights of your post. By looking at the insights you will be able to see when your audience is most likely to be active. Having this information allows you to determine the best times to post and interact with your audience.It will also tell you if you’re doing a good job of targeting the right audience or not. In analytics, you can see the demographic of your social media following – if this doesn’t align with your target audience, you may need to reevaluate. It could be the platform itself, or that you need to adjust your strategy to attract the right audience members. For example, if you’re a clothing brand that targets predominantly young women, but your social media following falls into an older age bracket, it might be that you need to make your content more attractive to the younger demographic (for example, by following trends and using youthful language). Analytics will be your best friend for determining success!


Engaging with your audience and with different accounts will help increase reach. A few ways to engage with your audience include:

  • Following new accounts,liking/commenting on their content Going through your home feed and engaging with the content that has been shared by accounts you follow
  • Sending your audience members a personal message 
  • Replying to the comments and messages you recieve 

Being engaging will create loyalty with the customers and clients. 


By following these steps that are mentioned, you will be able to effectively reach and engage with your target audience on social media, which will help improve your marketing results and customer loyalty.