Google Analytics is a beautiful tool. It offers a free and easy way to track your website visitors, and analyse the actions and pathways that they take on your website. By using Google Analytics, you are able to make informed decisions as to where you should be spending your hard earned money and efforts in advertising.

When you become a client of DDM, we use your Google Analytics account to get a holistic view of the way that your customers behave on your website, and where your website users are coming from. It helps us to make informed decisions on ways we can help make your business grow! Below are the steps to take to give us access to your Google Analytics account:

1. Log in to

2. In the bottom left corner, select Admin

3. Under the Account column, select Account Access Management

4. Click the blue plus in the top right corner

5. Select add users

6. Enter into the email address section and select Administrator

7. Click add in the top right corner

If you don’t have a Google Analytics account, or are struggling to give us access, get in touch!