So I started to see these cool bios pop up on Instagram where fonts have been used in the accounts bios. It made me seek out how to do this myself and thought you would all like to know how as well!

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I used this site to make mine. It is really simple, you just type in whatever you want, press enter and then it displays your text in a number of different font. You can then copy and whatever font you like and paste it straight into Instagram.


Once you have your text copied, open up Instagram and click to edit your profile. Paste the copied text into the appropriate section of your bio.


Don’t go too crazy on the font use, like any design project, use fonts meaningfully.


I am still playing around with mine and the moment, but you can see what fonts I have used to make my bio look a bit different. Check out what my Instagram bio looks like.


You can also add a text symbol if you like instead of emojis. You can use the Cool Symbol site to copy and paste these, just like you did with the fonts. Easy Peasy!


Let me know how you get on, make sure you follow me on IG and tag me once you have made you font changes, as I would love to see what you have done!

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Note: It is important to note that older phones can see these symbols and also that they are symbols, not true fonts – so they also can’t be correctly read as a text by the search engines for SEO. Keeping that in mind make sure your business name is always left as it (with no special symbols) is highly recommended.