Aimee and Jane are specialists in natural cleaning supplies, helping their customers to reduce the chemicals in their homes. Both being paramedics prior to launching Figgy & Co, they have a strong knowledge of the human body and how chemicals you find in everyday cleaning products can harm you.

In 2018, Aimee and Jane approached Daisy Digital after coming across us in a networking group. At this point in their business journey, Figgy & Co was operating out of Jane’s home. They were using Wix, and initially just wanted small updates to the website as well as setting up some email marketing automations. Upon many discussions with Sarah, Aimee and Jane decided that Wix just wasn’t cutting it anymore and they took the plunge migrating over to WordPress. The move over to WordPress allowed Figgy & Co to be better represented online, as well as allowing enhanced functionality such as Laybuy payment options, subscription-based products and better reporting.

“We wanted a website with greater professionalism and enhanced functionality, and the team at Daisy Digital took this vision and made it happen, transferring us from Wix to WordPress; and we have never regretted this move once. We have been able to achieve so much more using WordPress, largely due to the greater functionality, but also due to the information WordPress provides us – which helps us with our business decision making. Win win!”

Daisy Digital have continued to work alongside Figgy & Co, handling website updates, email marketing, SEO updates, digital products, creating gifs, and most recently subscription products so that Aimee and Jane can focus on producing the best products that their customers know and love.

“The team at Daisy have also helped us out on many projects to date, things that we as busy business owners couldn’t have possibly kept up with ourselves to the high standard we wanted – online marketing, email campaigns, Facebook advertising, subscriptions – and these have all been done in a way that has exceeded our expectations. Daisy Digital, for all intents and purposes, is our marketing department and we love it!”

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