Did you know that you can use Pinterest to help grow your Instagram account? You guys know we LOVE to repurpose content (work smarter not harder right?!), and this hack hits that nail right on the head! Keep reading to learn how to use Pinterest for Instagram growth.

Step 1
Go to a post you’d be happy with sharing to Pinterest, and click the 3 dots up in the top right hand corner of the post.

Step 2
Copy the link for this post.

Step 3
Open up Pinterest and create a new post.

Step 4
Next you’ll just need to upload the same image from your Instagram post, to Pinterest.

Step 5 
Fill out the information for the post. This is where you add the link to your post. Once all the information is filled out, publish the pin!

And that’s it! Anyone who follows you on Pinterest and clicks on these posts will be taken straight to your Instagram profile. This is such a super simple & easy way to generate more traffic to your Instagram profile. How cool!