Hey it’s Sarah here I’ve just jumped on to talk to you about Google My business and their policy around e-commerce businesses, or being online and having a Google my business listing. So as part of Google’s Google my business policy, to qualify to have a Google my business account, you need to have either a physical store or presence, kind of like what we’ve got here,  or if you’re a cafe or you need to be somebody who goes and visits your customers or clients in person. So things like a carpet cleaner for example. If you’re not either of those two categories, for example, we have an e-commerce business, then you don’t qualify for a Google My business listing and what we’ve seen over the last few days is Google has gone and done a bit of a clean up and some people are getting their accounts disabled or their reviews and things are no longer showing for the end user site in the search engine results. So just a quick update on Google My Business and the policy around e-commerce businesses.


What I would recommend is if you are an e-commerce business and you do have a Google my business listing from back in the day when you did qualify, having an online business to jump into your Google my business copy over those reviews or anything that’s really important to you that you might want to use for social proof or anything like that down the line just in case that you do get cleaned up as part of this process that Google’s going through. So yeah that’s a quick update on Google my business and the policy around e-commerce businesses.