Changes to Google’s transparencies are about to come into effect. Here’s what we know so far…

If you’re running Google Ads, you may have noticed a little while ago that Google started rolling out something called Advertiser Verification. This was all a part of Google’s efforts to bring more transparency to Google Ads. It required advertisers to go through a verification process to verify that they are running ads for their own company. You may have also recently received an email titled “MSA for new transparency policy”, this is all about a new policy that is rolling out alongside Google’s other transparency efforts.

This new policy change will be rolling out in July. It will bring changes to what information is disclosed through ads, as well as bring upon more insights about the ads that you are seeing.

We don’t have all the details yet, but it sounds like this policy change will involve the Ads Transparency Center to have more details on the advertisers who are running ads. 

Right now you can search advertisers to see what ads they have running. This change however will bring additional details such as targeting information (e.g. the total number of recipients for each ad, and the subject matter of the ad). It sounds like the Ads Transparency Center will become a tool similar to Ads Manager that is available for Meta, possibly with even more detail!

We’ll know a lot more about what this policy actually means, and what it is going to change in July as they roll it out. For now though, it is looking like it’s a part of their wider strategy to provide more transparency for consumers and businesses.