When selling a service or product it is important to know how the customer felt about the process because if you don’t know whether they are satisfied or unsatisfied then you will not know if they are coming back to your business or what they will say.


How To Ask For Feedback

Depending on the service or product you are selling there are different ways you can ask for feedback. 

  • Sending an email out to customers to see how their experience was with the service or product is a great way to ask for feedback because it gives them a chance to say their opinion without the pressure of having to say it face-to-face.  This includes beauty services too because sometimes a customer does not feel comfortable talking up and that’s okay because this gives them a chance to do so. 
  • Posting an Instagram story or Facebook post with a poll or questions they can respond to is another way to ask for feedback because it will not take them too long to respond to the polls or questions.
  • Sending out a multichoice question survey is a great way to ask for feedback because customers will not have to do too much writing but make sure you add “ is there any feedback or suggestions you would like to add” giving the customers a chance to express their opinion. 
  • Having a section in your website where they can message you feedback or post feedback where you reply is also a great idea. 


Why It Is Important

Asking for feedback shows that you care about your customers and about the service and products you are selling. Customers appreciate it when you show interest, and by showing interest you start to build a customer relationship which then turns into loyal customers. 

It is important to engage with the reviews you are getting because they make a big impact on your services or products. A positive review is great, so it is important to remember to follow up with a “small thank you”. With a negative review it is best to reply to it friendly and ask if you can talk to them to resolve the issue or what can be done better next time so there is no issue – but  remember to keep it friendly!

Engaging with feedback will create customer engagement because not only will they be leaving feedback but you sending out emails and posting asking for feedback will create strong customer relationships. With creating customer engagement, more brand awareness will be built and the customers that you are engaging with about feedback will attract more customers towards your business.