When you are looking for a marketing company to work with it can be overwhelming. You don’t know what you don’t know. 

We have been answering questions and debunking myths on our Instagram stories lately and have put everything together in one place to help you decide if we are the right fit for your business. 

If you’re not entirely sure what we can do, whether you’re a small business or a large business, give this blog a read!

Myth #1: “I can’t work with you guys because I’m too small”

This is totally not the case! 

We have great solutions for small businesses that don’t have a large budget. We offer training and consulting for businesses who are not yet ready to outsource. This means you get access to our amazing team to help you strategically (but you still need to invest the time in implementation). It could be something like helping you with a mini strategy for your social media, or getting you started with Google Ads. If you don’t know what you need, don’t worry, we can help guide you through finding the best solutions for you, book an appointment to chat here.

We even have a free SEO course, a great daily planner and a content planner to help you get started.

One of the great solutions we have for small businesses are our starter website packages. Having a really good website will help you to generate conversions, which will help you to make money so that you can grow your business and outsource more things. 

Don’t be afraid to get in touch with us if you are a small business! We have some really good solutions tailored for smaller businesses. Whilst they may not include all the bells and whistles, you can be sure that you will be receiving all our experience and knowledge, just the same as our larger clients!

Myth 2: “You only work with small businesses”

Also not the case! Typically, larger clients are our key clients who we work with daily or weekly. We regularly work with businesses with over 20 employees. 

Often these larger clients will choose us due to previous negative experiences (such as failing results or terrible communication) from larger marketing agencies. Once they get to know us they never look back. We promise great honest service and expert advice. 

For our larger clients we manage either all or most of their marketing. We are able to provide them with high skill and service, which is super customised for their business needs. Some clients need custom email marketing support included, where others might require sophisticated advertising and campaign planning, creative and concept. The packages that we offer range from starter packages to custom and bespoke packages (some of the starter packages are listed on our website). In this space it’s all about growth and strategy. To work with us at this level you need to be working in multiple areas of your marketing and are generally at least a 7-figure business, you might even have an in-house marketing team that requires agency support. If you are in this space you are likely needing regular strategic work and meetings with in house marketing or business owners, e.g. fortnightly or monthly meetings. This is also a space that small businesses can move into overtime (and we love helping you grow to be a 7-figure business if you are not one yet). 

We are super passionate about SME and giving businesses access to expert marketing even if you’re not yet 7 figures or if you are well beyond that. If you want to know more, book a chat with us here.

Myth #3: “Can you really manage our marketing for that price?

We absolutely can! 

We aim to make packages that are really accessible for smaller businesses to get started with their marketing. Small disclaimer: you don’t get everything for rapid growth or full service with these starter packages, they are set up to help you get you started on your marketing journey. 

These are a truly great place to start though as most packages are under $1000 per month in management fees. This means you get less management time than larger clients but you still get access to our awesome team!

Learn more about your investment opportunities.

Myth #4: “You will know what you need or want from having a look through our different service offerings and packages on our website (or any other agency).”

You’ll find that with any agency they’ll have a select list of services and offerings on their website. We have some of our standard offerings on our website, but this doesn’t include the LOTS of many other solutions that we can provide you with. Through having a conversation with us, we can help guide you to our recommendation for what will be the best for your business to help you grow or achieve your goals at that specific time. 

So don’t be afraid to reach out to us and have that conversation and say “I don’t know what I need and all this marketing stuff is very overwhelming!” That’s what we’re here for! We can help you out with all that, so don’t feel like you need to come to us with the solution to your problem. Come to us with your problem and we can help you solve it!

Myth #5 “I want to do social media advertising, but I don’t know anything about it. This means I can’t outsource it.”

You definitely can outsource if you don’t know much about marketing. Not only does this apply to social media advertising, but other areas of your marketing too. 

It’s always important to have a really good understanding of what a different platform can do, how it performs and how to tell if it’s working for you. But this doesn’t mean you need to learn all this before you come to chat to us. 

Any good agency will be able to guide you and help you understand what you are paying for, how to understand your results and how this fits into your business. Also, feel free to ask questions along the way! We are there to help you learn about the process. So hit us up if you have any questions or want to know more about how we can help you grow into new spaces in your marketing.

Myth #6 “You need to spend lots up front”

Long gone are the days where if you wanted to hit the ground running with your advertising, you might have been looking at expensive print, TV and radio campaigns. These days it is much more affordable! There are a lot of really fantastic digital options out there for you to use. Having a massive budget upfront is definitely not necessary. If you come have a chat with us, we can help you figure what the best solutions for you are and get you started with your marketing in a really affordable way that will help you to generate really good results. 

On the flip side of that, if you do need to ramp up fast we can help you with that as well. We’ve done this for many businesses in the past, we are set up to work however you like!

Myth #7 “To outsource you have to take up long contracts”

Not with us you don’t! 

We believe in flexibility. If something isn’t working and there isn’t a strategic plan in place to improve it then why would you continue. We stand by our work and finding the right solutions for you to make you money in your business. This is why we don’t have long contracts and you have the flexibility to do what is right for your business. Most businesses find that with the right strategy each marketing tactic has lots to offer their business and help them grow – the results will see you joining out long list of clients that have been with us since our first year of business.