Are you new to social media, or just a bit lost with how to stick out from the crowd?

Knowing what to post, when, how often and what works can be overwhelming. Well, we are here to help. We want to share some tips with you to ease the ‘what do I post’ headache,  and help you create killer content the engages with your social media audience.

Understanding the platform
Each social media platform is different (and for a reason) and what you post in the way of content should be considered for each platform you are using.

Not all content is relevant across all platforms and it is important to get a good understanding of your audience on each platform, and what they engage with.

What type of content works best on each platform;
Facebook: Great for videos, blog posts, behind the scenes, community involvement, events.
Twitter: Used for interacting with users and influential people, and for sharing information.
LinkedIn: A great platform for market information, sharing blogs, articles and knowledge.
Instagram: The perfect place for engaging images, behind the scenes, brand awareness, creating relationships and selling products.

Read about your industry every day
Creating engaging and relative content for your audience means knowing your industry inside and out. Keeping up with your industry and any updates is key for being ahead of the game and creating that killer content for your audience. Provide them with the latest news and deliver it to them first, and this WILL build credibility and trust for your brand. Scour the internet for your industry news, subscribe to credible sources and updates, and inform your followers when and what they need to know. They will listen to what you have to say.

Establish your own voice
Social media platforms are absolute hubs for information, and you aren’t the only one in your industry on social media providing information and building a social media empire. Create your own individual brand voice and make yours stand apart from others. Be different, be valuable, be relatable and find a voice that brings a balance of what your business is all about jazzed up with some creativity and individuality.

Keep it light – it is social media

Social media is social! It is a place where you can create a buzz and encourage people to join your tribe. Now, we’re not saying get crazy and throw out free services all over the place, you’re still a business, and you want people to take you seriously, all we’re saying is keep it social.

Conversational starters

Social media is a great forum to provide information for your followers, but it’s also a great place to interact and engage with your audience. Information is valuable, but conversation starters ask your audience to engage. Create content that’s a conversation starter. Incorporate polls and surveys, ask for feedback, run competitions (T&Cs apply), discuss personal or relatable situations with your audience that humanise you and your brand. Create a bit of an interest storm, and you will spark engagement with your audience.

Exercise those writing skills regularly

Creating content can be hard, but trust us, the more you do it, the easier it gets!

Flex those very capable writing muscles of yours regularly, and the creativeness will flow. If you’re in a position where you don’t have the opportunity to write content often, set aside time once a week just to write. Jot down some thoughts and ideas, read it, curate it, improve it. Set aside and read again. Find a time of day where you feel most focused (maybe when you’re awake first thing in the morning with coffee in hand, or when everyone has escaped for lunch and the office is empty). Practice, practice, practice and you’ll be a content creator pro in no time.

It’s all about the images!

Images are so essential to breaking through the clutter online. Think about how you scroll through Instagram and often think to yourself ‘That outfit looks so amazing’ or ‘OMG, that food looks sooo good. I must try that restaurant!’ Boom, just like that, that product has your attention.

How do you get that attention for your brand? Good quality images that are on point are critical to stopping the school. To create fun, colourful and design worthy images, try an app like Create whatever you like, add in your logo, add colours, flair, the sky’s the limit. If you’re using photos on your page, be sure to give them a quick rinse through an editing app. Snapseed is a great one that brightens and sharpens any image in minutes. When scrolling through your news feed, you are flooded with hundreds of images and content and information, make yours worth stopping for!

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