Content Marketing is so important! Often the content that you are producing is what differentiates you from your competitors. Sometimes the only thing holding us back from producing unique and engaging content is that we don’t have any good ideas. Here are some tips and tricks that could help with that problem. 

What Content do your customers want to see? 

Asking your audience questions will be one of the most effective ways to get content (e.g. answering common FAQs). Looking for trends in content that your audience has particularly enjoyed can also bring upon some ideas (e.g. look for posts that have had high engagement levels previously). Also check out similar brands to see what content their audience enjoys. 


Don’t be afraid to use resources 

There are so many online resources available for our use! Often this means sitting down and having a good scroll on Instagram or TikTok for inspiration, reading blogs for content ideas and identifying trends. Make sure that while you are looking for inspiration you save anything that sparks your interest. A helpful tip is to save content into collections with specific names so that it is easy to find later.

Following brands and people similar to you is a good way to find ideas. Just remember not to copy their content rather let it influence your creative content. 

You can use AI websites like Chat GPT to come up with content ideas. But just remember to personalize these ideas and put your own flair on them as AI generated content tends to be overly robotic.While you are brainstorming ideas, think about how you can make them specific and unique to your brand.


Mind Dump

 One problem that we can have with our content ideas is overthinking. We think too deeply about them and often believe that it has to be perfect. 

One way to deal with this is to do a mind dump. Sit down with your team or by yourself with a piece of paper and a pen. Write down as many ideas as you can in ten minutes. No idea is too small or too far-fetched. At the end of the ten minutes go through what has been written and see what could practically work. 

Remember while you are brainstorming and creating content that the purpose of content marketing is to educate, tell a story, entertain and share relevant information with your customers. So brainstorm away, no idea is irrelevant. Have Fun!