Audrey: Hi, guys, thanks for tuning in here at Daisy Digital Marketing. We’re doing a series of interviews with all the different team members here today we have..

Ben: Ben.

Audrey: And Ben can you please tell us about what you do here?

Ben: So I am a digital marketing intern here, so I come in once a week get some more experience and learn about all the fun stuff we do here.

Audrey: Excellent. What is your greatest achievement since you started here?

Ben: I think I’d have to say just the amount of stuff I’ve learned about digital marketing and marketing as a whole, all that knowledge and all the stuff about social media, Google ads, all that, all that stuff, all the knowledge I’ve gained is probably my greatest achievement.

A: Good answer. Who is your ideal client?

B: Um, I’d have to say, probably someone who’s willing to learn and be open minded to what’s going on as we know, digital marketing is forever changing landscape and will continue to change and move along with the time. So someone who is willing to open be open minded about that and learn about what’s going on and be willing to implement changes in somebody’s marketing plan that can really improve the business.

A: Yeah, I completely agree with you. What is your favourite marketing campaign and can you tell us why?

B: Um, perhaps probably, The Wakachangi marketing campaign is really simple, but it works. Their slogan quite nice beer. It’s just it’s a running joke that keeps people coming back. And they’re basically running their whole campaign on taking the Mick out of out of the beer industry itself is something that I find quite, quite funny, quite easy to interact with.

And that’s probably why I keep going back to their products.

A: Yeah, they’re Jokesters. When you were young, what did you want to be when you grew up?

B: I think when I was really young, I wanted to be a spy because I, I loved Spy Kids.

A: the movie?

B: Yeah, yeah.

Um, specifically the one that was in 3D.

I remember getting it from the video shop all the time and watching it with the glasses.


But I think I thought it was I wanted to be a black cap, but my cricketing ability didn’t allow that to happen.

A: Can you tell me what inspires you?

B: I think what inspires me is the people that, uh, are willing to work and when they put their mind to something to achieve that, I think that’s something I really relate to.

And when I see people doing that, that makes me want to work out what I want to achieve as well.

A: That’s great. And last question, room, desk, car. Which do you clean first?

B: Well, based on the state of all 3,

I have to say, that whenever I’m at a desk, it’s always pretty tidy. Well organized. But my room is a tip and so is my car. So I have to say desk

A: Very good. Thank you so much, Ben, and thanks, guys.

Have a great day.