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You’ll know that Instagram has an option to include your website url in your profile bio. Great right? Your followers can click straight through to your site from your profile in one easy click. But, what if you want to give your followers more than one site or area that they can be directed to? To give them options or specific areas on your site (or otherwise) that is more relevant to what they are looking for. Introducing, Linktree.

You may have heard of it, or you’re already utilising it, which is awesome!
But if Linktree is new to you, let me tell you a little bit about it.

Essentially, it’s a free tool that allows you to direct your Instagram followers everywhere and anywhere you choose, from your Instagram bio. It creates a link for you (which you can use as your website url on your Instagram profile bio) which sends followers to your Linktree page (serving as a mediatory platform) and gives them a variety of options of where they can travel to next – all set up and customised by you. These link options can be updated as often as you’d like, meaning you can direct your followers to the latest news and information you have available.

So how do you set up Linktree?

It’s simple, free (for the basic option) and it’s super easy to use. Two thumbs up for that!
Follow our steps below to get yourself Linktree set up;

Set up account

  • Go to
  • Go to the Sign Up Free box
  • Click on the Sign up with Instagram box (make sure you are logged into your Instagram on another tab/mobile app)
  • LinkTree then gives you to account options – the basic option at $0 a month, or the pro option at $6 USD a month. We suggest trying the free option first. The customization options are limited compared to the paid version, but have a look around, you can’t go wrong with free, and you can always upgrade later if you find the free option is too limiting.
  • Once you’ve selected your plan, it’s time to customize!

Creating links

  • Linktree is very intuitive and gives you a few little instructions across the screen when you first get started, also a preview tab on the right to see the page live as you edit.
  • In the left screen, under the Links tab, you can start by adding in your links. Click on + ADD NEW BUTTON / LINK
  • Add your title (the name of the page you’re directing users to) and then add in your url. You will see the little toggle that was yellow should now be green, and the first link will appear in the live view on the right panel. That’s it, your first link is created!!
  • Just follow that process again until you’ve added in your links (we suggest creating 3-5 – too many and it’s won’t all fit onto a mobile device screen anyway, and just provides too many options).
  • Once links are in, let’s make it pretty!


  • To customise the look of your Linktree, jump into the Settings tab
  • From this screen, you can change/add your avatar (Logo/image)
  • You can also select your colour scheme from the range of options provided (this is where the free version is quite limited).
  • Again, check the right panel ‘Live preview’ to see what look you like/is best.
  • Once you’re happy, we can now add this link to our Instagram bio.

Set it up on Instagram

  • Copy your Linktree link from the top left corner
  • Jump into your Instagram page
  • If you’re on a computer – Click into the person icon on the top right of your Instagram page. If you’re on a mobile device – Click on your profile icon down the bottom right on your device.
  • Click on ‘Edit Profile’
  • Add the Linktree link to the website field and Submit or tick (depending on device).
  • And boom, all done!

You are now a Link tree expert!
That one link on Instagram now does so much more!